Scarlet was the matriarch of our herd. She was gentle and the eldest, by a decade, to our other alpacas. Mother of Charlotte, Windy, and Ranger and a grandmother to Frankie, she was patient and attentive to her young. 

It was clear to us that she had the respect of the herd and every year on shearing day, when we returned to her old home, the other alpacas recognized her immediately, flipping up their tails and humming alongside the fence as we walked her into the pen. You could say that she had a way of being remembered. 

Early one summer morning in June, Scarlet gave birth to Charlotte, a stark white, beautiful and very special baby alpaca. The two had several hours together before Scarlet died due to complications after Charlotte's birth. Here is one of those tender moments in the picture to the right. 

When we buried her later that evening, there was a scarlet sunset over Solomon Lake; fiery red with a tint of orange. And as we drove out, the sun's reflection on the lake was so bright that it lit up the entire sky which felt warm and peaceful. We said our thank yous and goodbyes with teary eyes and heavy hearts.

When we returned to the pasture, it was obvious that the herd knew she was gone. Their restlessness was palpable and we could almost hear the wheels of change slowly turning. Just outside the barn, nestled next to Steve's mother, in the grass by the goose pond, was little 14 pound baby Charlotte needing a mother; food, warmth and someone to watch after her, to keep her safe. We carried her up to the house where she would sleep next to us for the next month and so our adventure with Charlotte began.

Thank you, Scarlet, for sharing a part of your life with us here on The Farm. Rest in Peace, Mama.

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