“The human body can be compared to a car. There are five things that any automobile needs to run properly, whether it is a Rolls Royce or a rusty old car – lubrication, a cooling system, electric current, fuel, and a sensible driver behind the wheel. In Yoga, the asanas or postures lubricate the body. They keep the muscles and joints running smoothly, tone all the internal organs, and increase circulation without creating fatigue. The body is cooled by complete relaxation, whilst pranayama or yogic breathing increases prana, the electric current. Fuel is provided by food, water and the air you breathe. Lastly, you have meditation which stills the mind, the driver of the body. By meditating, you learn to control and ultimately transcend the body – your physical vehicle”. ~ Swami Vishnu-devananda ~

Developing a yoga practice creates a space for us to ease the dis-eases and balance the imbalances within our bodies. The benefits are as far reaching as you allow them to be. One of the most fundamental benefits of Yoga is enhanced body awareness. This awareness reconnects us with our bodies and awakens our internal ears.

I began my yoga practice in Austin Texas during the Spring of 2004, and became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2008. However my desire to learn did not stop there. I remember a quote from one of my greatest teachers:

“When a teacher ceases to learn, they cease to teach. The teacher must remain the student if the teacher is to grow”. ~ Emmanuel ~

I learn every time I teach and I am grateful for every opportunity to learn. Inquiries are welcome. I am open and available for individual and group sessions.

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Thank you.


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