“Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.”

Our family is passionate about gardening! We practice full circle, organic and sustainable agriculture including: composting, soil preparation, planting, rain and grey water collection, harvesting, and seed preservation. Growing organic vegetables, herbs, and wildflowers in addition to maintaining a small apple orchard and grape vineyard creates countless experiences for learning, excitement, mindful and hard work, keen observation, and continuous improvement. We are enthusiastic and open to sharing what we’ve learned and want to be a part of assisting anyone who is interested in growing a garden.

Our services include: consultation, land preparation (tilling, composting), garden layout and/or installation. We also sell compost.

Check out our Blog & YouTube Channel for how-to videos, instuctions, and tips.

Inquiries are welcome. Send an email to: Please put "Garden" in the subject space.

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