We reside on the farm that was homesteaded by my husband’s great grandparents, Eddie and Harriet, in the early 1900’s. Prior to that time, the Natives roamed the same woods and prairies. Our son is the 7th generation representative of his ancestors who immigrated from Sweden and Denmark to this area, and the 5th generation to live on this farm. It is beyond our wildest imagination to see our son play within the same walls and explore the same land where his great-great grandparents lived. It is one of many miracles we are blessed to share.

Eddie and Harriet settled and built a life on this diverse landscape in Minnesota where they plowed the fields with two mules and generated their only source of heat from the wood Eddie cut. They operated a small sustainable farm where nothing went to waste. In the latter part of his life, Eddie undertook many efforts to “return the land back to the way it was when the buffalo roamed”, an effort that we continue to maintain. There are countless stories, too many to tell here, but the invitation is open. The important thing to say is that they lived with an extraordinary understanding of Nature’s Economy and their place in and among it. They were resourceful, hardworking, kind, and grateful conservationists. They, along with my husband’s parents, and the help of a few others, have left a legacy and a lifestyle that we are blessed to inherit.

And so, our chapter of “Life on the Farm” began in 2009 when we leapt into the realm of: If anything was possible…..what would we create? There was a longing in our hearts and a surge of joyful enthusiasm so deep and so wide that we knew it needed to be explored. So, we said “YES” to our hearts and it has been a journey of self discovery…so many teachings…so much learning…so much remembering.

Our transition from Austin Texas to Minnesota has been peppered with unparalleled difficulty and unparalleled bliss. In truth, there were moments during our first winter, when we looked at each other and said “what were we thinking?!” Thankfully, like the cold weather, those moments passed and we haven’t looked back. We want to acknowledge that our life here on The Farm is made possible by the support and love of family, most important are Steve’s parents. Leading by example and a willingness to embrace ‘what is’, they are a steady and loving presence. In thanksgiving to their role and who they are, we honor and love them dearly.

What I’ve discovered is that there is something that happens inside a person when they join the natural rhythms of the earth. It is indeed good medicine. Every time I witness one of nature’s miracles, I feel grateful, mystified, joyous, humbled and in awe of its brilliance, its glory, its dynamic diversity and interdependence. And that’s who we are.

Grateful Hearts,
Mandy, Steve & Wesley


“The spirit of those who came before us lives on through the water, the land…and our heartfelt intent to preserve their heritage” - Steve Sr. 

“What calls you to live your life in the honoring? Make your choosing! The world is waiting.” - Emmanuel


Why did we create Nature's Economy? We are simply turning our lives inside out, offering to others what we have been blessed to enjoy. There is a quote written in the sleeve of an old book that was handed down to me: "Beautiful things become more beautiful when shared". We believe this and are reaching out, extending what is beautiful to us, to all of you.

Our way of living gives us supreme joy. Slowly, over time, friends and family have trickled in with comments and questions, tiny nudges, opening the doors of curiosity and possibility in our minds and in our hearts. 


Every product we offer is handmade and crafted by us using the resources here on The Farm. Every year, every moment, Nature is regenerating her resources. They are not limitless. It takes time to create 'more'. When we consume our last drop of maple syrup, we know that our next opportunity to enjoy fresh syrup will be springtime when the sap begins to run again. When we sell our last alpaca rug, we know that we will have to wait until next May to shear our alpacas, skirt, clean, card, and spin each fleece into usable fiber to create a completely new and one-of-a-kind product. When our goose feather storage bin is empty, we know that there won't be more until the geese molt their feathers again. And on and on it goes.

We trust in the process. And the possibilities are limitless as long as we maintain an open mind and an open heart. As Nature provides us with sustainable materials and a seasonal schedule, we can then share whatever our imaginations can create. Our family's intention is to model our work and our lives after Nature's Economy: Respecting and honoring its timing, schedule, pace, intelligent design, and wisdom. We do our best to emulate its 'style and elegance' in the way we approach our role as stewards of this grand place.

Economy means the "careful management of available resources". Yes, Nature does have an economy, Nature's Economy, based on two fundamental principles: Diversity & Interdependence. These principles guide our work and life on The Farm. Diversity is key to any healthy and thriving ecosystem. Each individual part functions to serve the betterment of the whole. Like an intricate weaving, there is a "mutual dependence" between each thread to ensure the integrity of the cloth.

An excerpt from: A Crisis of Consciousness:

"Now, where do you look for models? Where do you go?
The answer is so obvious.
You go to nature. Nature has an economy, an elegance, a style that if we could but emulate it......”  imagine what would be possible, what we could create (M.F)

-Terence McKenna (1946 - 2000)




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