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There is a green tint underneath the forest canopy and throughout the pastures. The geese are nesting, blending into the tall grasses, visible only when necessary. Our goosepond is teaming with life: wood ducks, frogs, pairs of mallards and a muskrat. Spring can't decide if she wants to be hot or cold; typical. Our family is hopeful that the 'April showers will bring May flowers" as we are excited to see bright colors again. Although our son is still mourning the end to snowmobiling season. 

We've tilled and fertilized our vegetable gardens and will be placing our seed order this week from Seedsavers. Deciding on whether to experiment with some new mini green house ideas, using materials we already have to create something new. I simply love that process.

To the right is a picture of Windy, one of our female Alpacas. She has a lovely fleece, most of which we have either sold or passed on as gifts to some special friends. We just may have enough to make a scarf.....or two. Already scheduling the annual shearing day with our pals from Montevideo, we are picking through their fleece removing as much winter hay as possible. On this day, we all descend upon the small farm where any alpaca who was every born or lived unite for the afternoon. King Tut gets to see his brothers, Dante his mother, and all our alpacas get to see their dad, Exodus. What a day!

With buds on the apple trees, red robins in the grass, we are soaking in the spirit of spring. And to top it all off, we get to enjoy some of Great Grandma Harriet's famous ginger cookies. Breathing it all in.....delicious.

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